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I write for children, young adults and adults.
Here's a little more about me and my work.

It all started at Crystal Springs Elementary School in Roanoke, Virginia. That’s where I became an avid reader, writer and adventurer.  My second grade teacher, Mrs. Smith, a wordsmith, (pun intended) was one of my biggest cheerleaders. One day I divluged my dream of becoming a writer someday. "Good readers make good writers," she replied and handed me a little purple journal. "There's a story everywhere you turn." 

Her words gave me permission, in a sense, to explore my neighborhood in the Blue Ridge mountains. My friends, and occasionally my sister and two brothers, roamed the backyards, alleyways and surrounding woods and streams. Sometimes we'd even bring along our beagle, Chippy. But when he ran away one day and didn't return until the next morning, we stopped inviting him.

 At bedtime I chronicled these exploits in my journal that I kept hidden under my pillow. My fun-loving, intelligent parents rarely told me to turn off the light. Little did they know that I was also writing about them!

I thank my parents, and  Mrs. Smith, for regularly encouraging and  motivating a passionate little girl.

  Me in the second grade. Nice haircut, huh?!       

It’s no surprise that some of my favorite books were—and still are—Harry the Dirty Dog, Curious George, Harriet the Spy and Stuart Little, stories about inquisitiveness and adventure.

After graduating from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, I moved to New York City and wrote for national magazines, eventually landing a column at the Associated Press called Kids. I interviewed some famous people  (Meryl Streep, former President Jimmy Carter and Rosalyn Carter, Little Richard and Merle Haggard among others) and those who simply had compelling stories  (an advocate for Hmong urban gardeners and an environmentalist who composted with worms in his New York City apartment). 

Journalism was fast-paced and satisfying, yet book writing with its slower tempo became my passion after my daughter and son were born.

My collaborations with a legendary southern football coach (a New York Times bestseller) as well as a former New York Yankee batboy, offer young adult and adult readers hope in overcoming life’s obstacles.

Talented illustrators, Laura Cornell and Ross MacDonald, bring my words to life. 

As the special advisor for the Project Sunshine Book Club (www.projectsunshine.orga nonprofit organization providing free recreational and educational programs to pediatric patients, I am privileged to bring authors and illustrators into hospitals to share their work with children.

My husband, Bob, a lawyer, watercolorist, and fellow adventurer and I live in New York City--not too far from our grown children, Liz and Alex.  

Liz has her own thriving fitness business LCFitnessNYC. She's a pilates and strength trainer for all ages. Her dog looks just like a Muppet. His name? Fozzie Bear, of course!

Alex, an actor, and works at NYU. After graduating from Tufts he was a BAT--the resident acting company at the Flea Theater in New York City. He's had a leading role in a film, has written, directed and starred in a short film, and has had excellent roles in many plays. 

As a family we've trekked to Machu Picchu (Peru) and Ladakh (northern India). We always have fun together, no matter what we're doing. We're probably best at cracking each other up with some really dumb jokes.

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